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Firedoge.com earn dogecoin Short URL

Earn dogecoins shortening urls: http://Firedoge.com

Earn dogecoins following the table below.

100 Hits = 5 Dogecoins
200 Hits = 10 Dogecoins
300 Hits = 15 Dogecoins
400 Hits = 20 Dogecoins
500 Hits = 25 Dogecoins
600 Hits = 30 Dogecoins
700 Hits = 35 Dogecoins
800 Hits = 45 Dogecoins
900 Hits = 50 Dogecoins
1000+ Hits = 60 Dogecoins

*Please post in the comments, the website to be shortened and the generated link shortening, so we can validate your registration and release their dogecoins
**The value of dogecoins is automatically transferred to the account of the site when the table values ​​are achieved
***They do not allow sites with pornographic content
****Read the post the link above to learn how to receive your dogecoins
*****Each user can register up to ten websites.
$$Register with the site so you can get your dogecoins$$
!!Users who try to somehow beat the system will have discounted 1000 dogecoins in your site account. The site has antifraud system generating statistics in real time!!