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How the 100 Dogecoins promotion works

Follow the steps below to receive your free Dogecoins. The process is simple, does not require any purchase or deposit, and works in most countries. In addition, you'll also get a free 0.025 grams of gold, on BitGold's platform.

1 - Sign up with Dogesurf.com BitGold referral link
2 - Use the same email as you have for Dogesurf.com, so we can link your bonus to your email
3 - Fill out your name and mobile number and verify your BitGold account
4 - Wait 30 days

You will receive an email and free Dogecoins in Dogesurf.com after 30 days, more 0.025 grams of gold to receive the BitGold platform! Come on already register!!!

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Why BitGold?

BitGold pairs together the ease and convenience of digital payments and online savings with the integrity and stability of gold. Our mission is to make physical gold accessible to everyone. Minimizing or removing fees everywhere possible became our purpose.

Within a few minutes BitGold users can create a secure, free vault account with access to purchase and hold gold. Our user-friendly features allow users to send and receive gold payments as well as have access traditional retail spending with the GoldMoney Prepaid MasterCard, available with your BitGold account. Deposits into BitGold accounts can be done online with digital deposits or in one of our ATMs internationally. At anytime a BitGold user has the option to redeem their physical gold as 10g GoldCubesTM or 1kg Bullion Bars.

The BitGold structure is designed to empower our users with easy access to gold, always.

Firedoge.com earn dogecoin Short URL

Earn dogecoins shortening urls: http://Firedoge.com

Earn dogecoins following the table below.

100 Hits = 5 Dogecoins
200 Hits = 10 Dogecoins
300 Hits = 15 Dogecoins
400 Hits = 20 Dogecoins
500 Hits = 25 Dogecoins
600 Hits = 30 Dogecoins
700 Hits = 35 Dogecoins
800 Hits = 45 Dogecoins
900 Hits = 50 Dogecoins
1000+ Hits = 60 Dogecoins

*Please post in the comments, the website to be shortened and the generated link shortening, so we can validate your registration and release their dogecoins
**The value of dogecoins is automatically transferred to the account of the site when the table values ​​are achieved
***They do not allow sites with pornographic content
****Read the post the link above to learn how to receive your dogecoins
*****Each user can register up to ten websites.
$$Register with the site so you can get your dogecoins$$
!!Users who try to somehow beat the system will have discounted 1000 dogecoins in your site account. The site has antifraud system generating statistics in real time!!