1 - The minimum payment for receipt of dogecoins are 700 dogecoins and the deadline for payment is 96 hours from the request. Payment can be requested by

2 - Here you get your dogecoins : Reading post, commenting, being active on the site by clicking on links by registering in faucets, wallets indicated by us; watching videos, playing our games etc.

3 - Here you also gain indicating new users. Here you get for each specified user accessing the website: 0.001 dogecoins. For each specified user who is registered on the site: 0.1 dogecoins.

4 - Here you can buy your dogecoins and also exchange it among the members of the site. In games the site, you choose whether to receive or donate them dogecoins some other user friend. Simply enter the e-mail from his friend.

5 - Buying here on the site: Site fees are USD $ 0.01 per dogecoin. Rates are always subject to variations according to the exchange of currency. The purchase is via paypal with minimum purchase of 3.000 dogecoins. The transfer to the site account is instantaneous. If you want to transfer to your official dogecoin wallet, please send a private message requesting the transfer. The transfer will be made within 15 days. To transfer an official wallet: To verify, please email and from the primary email address on your PayPal account with the following information: Full name, location, primary interest in dogecoins, the amount you anticipate buying. Send a private message or contact us by email
To make your purchase , you must have a verified PayPal account. Now we also accept purchases by BitPay in bitcoins. The process is automated, simply click to buy and the calculation is done automatically. To make your purchase you must be active on the site at least 1 week. Soon we will have other forms of payments here on the site.

6 - You get 0.005 dogecoins by clicking links.

7 - You win by 0.1 dogecoins watch the videos.

8 - You can log in using your smartphone. Just next time you log click the button indicated.

9 - In our faucets games you win all the time, just access, play and win.

10 - Here's the list of our sites : | | | | |

11 - Here is the list of emails that used to contact and send information:,,,,,, and --> Please always check your spam box and put our emails in your list of trusted senders.

12 - Earn 1-50 dogecoins scraping our go scratch and scrape. Then go in and see Coupons Gift menu as won.

13 - See payment statistics Games Faucets the next link:

14 - Now you can also exchange their dogecoins ads by using our ads system. With only 10 dogecoins you buy 200 exhibits for your ads. You can also buy ads with your official wallet. For more information visit:

15 - You can also earn dogecoins displaying ads on their sites, blogs, social networking, etc. Create a publisher account and start earning much more dogecoins. For more information visit:

16 - The faucet games are configured to be played every 60 minutes.

17 - Users who use e-mails not registered on the site, the faucet games, will have dogecoins deleted within 7 days.

18 - The site uses cookies to facilitate navigation on the site for security reasons and to achieve greater efficiency and personalization of services offered to users. The site does not obtain data about your first or last name, or on the address from which you linked. The information obtained is related to a better use of site components such as faucets games, the distribution of dogecoins said, among other website tools. We use this information to improve our pages, identify new needs and assess the improvements to be made to better serve users who visit us, adapting them, for example, the most used browsers or terminals.

19 - Browse through our list of all the gains you can achieve on our site:

20 - You can bet Dogecoins in our lottery. Each ticket is worth 20 Dogecoins to our main lottery. This lottery is 1 time per week, beginning, end and draw on Sunday. Stay alert other lotteries that can happen in festive dates etc. Click the link to see more information:

21 - If you want to update your official Dogecoin wallet, please send 1 Dogecoin to our wallet with ofcial message prompting you to update the address on our website. Wallet DLfyuT8rKLu96ZocwU5yuhjdUPyxiYzw2E

22 - Those users who somehow try to circumvent the system site, creating duplicate accounts, try to modify the faucets games, etc will have their accounts immediately banned from the site.

23 - These Terms of Use may change at any time without notice. If this occurs, you will be notified through your access to the restricted area, via email or other means.

24 - Earn Dogecoins by visiting websites in our auto surf, register your site and generate visits by trading your Dogecoins or accumulating more Dogecoins in your account. For more information access:

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